China launches first postage stamp with NFC chip

Source: Global Times Published: 2020/9/27 22:00:30

A screenshot of China's first postage stamp with NFC chip. Photo: Courtesy to China Post.

 China's first postage stamp incorporating an NFC (near field communication) chip was introduced to the public by the China Post on Saturday during an annual award ceremony for the best national stamps. 

The chipped commemorative stamp titled with "In Commemoration of the 40th National Stamp Popularity Poll" has an ultrathin 120 micrometer NFC chip inserted within it. Collectors can download a digital app from China Post to any digital device with NFC functionality. By placing their device close to the number "40" that is on the stamp's face, the app will authenticate the stamp and provide information such as its serial number. 

NFC technology allows for contactless exchange of data over close distances. Invented during the early 21st century, it has been commonly used around the world in areas such as the mobile payment and anti-counterfeit measure fields. 

China has set a precedent with its ingenious incorporation of NFC technology in the design of a traditional postage stamp. It is the world's first postage stamp with a read-write chip. 

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