Woman forced to smash bracelet after getting stuck trying it on

Source: Global Times Published: 2020/10/13 18:53:41

Firefighters in Guangzhou, South China's Guangdong Province, smash the bracelet that gets stuck on a customer's hand while she is trying it on at a local jewelry store. Photo: Screenshot of Xuanwo Video

A woman in Guangzhou, South China's Guangdong Province, got stuck while trying on a bracelet at a local jewelry store and was forced to call firefighters after several failed attempts to take it off. They finally helped her by smashing the jade bracelet, which she had pay for, reported Pear Video on Monday. 

The incident happened on Thursday, when the customer was selecting a bracelet at the store and asked for a smaller size to try on.

After getting stuck, the woman and the store clerk used several methods including soapy water and lubricants to get it off, but all failed. 

They later called the firefighters, who also found it difficult as there was no way to get the bracelet off without damaging it. 

Meanwhile, the pain caused to her hand due to the tightness of the bracelet eventually became unbearable, so she finally decided to purchase it and asked firefighters to break it with a hammer. 

Fortunately, the woman was not hurt. 

"Such a special one-shot (hammer) deal," joked one netizen who watched the clip. 

"It's a pity that the time she owned the bracelet is short and painful," said another netizen.

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