Zoo visitors witness Shanghai zookeeper being attacked and killed by bears

Source: Global Times Published: 2020/10/18 22:40:47

File photo: CFP

A zookeeper was attacked by bears and killed in front of patrons at the Shanghai Wild Animal Park on Saturday afternoon, despite a heavy equipment operator's attempt to save him. 

A social media post by a visitor on a bus tour of the dangerous animals' section of the park on Saturday detailed the gruesome attack by several bears. 

According to the social media post, an excavator operator working near the very large enclosure for bears tried to drive the bears away but failed, and the bears dragged the zookeeper's body away. The driver had to hide in his excavator, until police arrived. 

The tragedy stirred heated discussions on social media. While web users expressed sympathy for the zookeeper, many wondered what safety protocols were breached that allowed the bears get close to the worker.

The park confirmed with the Global Times on Sunday that it and other authorities are investigating the tragedy, and section of the park that houses dangerous animals has been closed. 

Visitors who purchased tickets online and have yet to visit the zoo can get a refund. 


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