Fracas at Taiwan event in Fiji raises serious questions

By Hu Xijin Source: Global Times Published: 2020/10/19 18:38:41

A bird's eye view of Tavarua, a heart shaped island of Fiji Photo: Courtesy of Tourism Fiji

According to Taiwan media reports, the island of Taiwan's representative office in Fiji were celebrating the so-called "national day" of the island on October 8 when (allegedly) two diplomats from the Chinese Embassy in Fiji "arrived uninvited and tried to photograph" the event. They further "refused to leave" and launched "violent attacks" against Taiwan officials. These reports claim that a person from the island's representative office in Fiji was "beaten into brain concussion" and was "very miserable." The island side has protested and criticized the Chinese mainland's "Wolf Warrior" diplomacy. However, Fiji hopes to keep a low a profile about this matter.

Is this true? Analysts think that Taiwan has concealed full details. Otherwise, how could have Chinese mainland's diplomats, who always act in a gentle manner, easily beat someone from Taiwan into a "brain concussion"?

Taiwan media reports said that the two diplomats from the Chinese mainland "falsely claimed" that they were attacked. I'm wondering about the veracity of all of this. 

According to the latest news, Fiji police have stated they have received related complaints from the Chinese Embassy that officials from Taiwan assaulted Chinese mainland diplomats. But the Fiji police have not received complaints from the Taiwan side.

And that is very telling, isn't it? 

The author is editor-in-chief of the Global Times.

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