Chinese Embassy in UK slams The Times report as 'malicious slander against China'

Source: Global Times Published: 2020/10/20 10:48:40

All the passengers on the direct flight are international students heading to 23 UK universities. Photo: cnsphoto

 The Chinese embassy in the UK expressed strong opposition to a recent article published in The Times claiming that universities in the country have sacrificed their academic liberty to China. The embassy said that the abuse of freedom of expression by certain forces to spread fallacies, deceive the public and instigate division and turmoil for the purpose of destabilizing China will be met with firm and strong opposition from the Chinese people.

According to a statement from the Chinese embassy in the UK, China has no ambition to dominate the world, and it has never been China's tradition to seek expansion and hegemony. China has never interfered in the internal affairs of other countries, including those of the UK. 

"We deplore and strongly oppose the malicious slander against China," read the statement. 

China respects academic freedom, and has never exerted any political influence on normal academic activities in British universities. Stoking ideological prejudice and distorting helpful and ordinary interaction and cooperation for narrow political gains will dampen the enthusiasm of students and researchers from both countries, read the statement. 

As for the expression of indignation and opposition of Chinese students and other Chinese citizens overseas against words and deeds that attempt to separate China and smear its image, this is completely understandable and reasonable, the embassy said. 

"It is pure double standards if slandering China is dubbed freedom of speech but debunking the lies and telling the truth is denied such freedom. This only reflects the political motives behind it," read the statement. 

The Times carried an article on Saturday claiming that universities in the UK have sacrificed their academic liberty for Chinese cash, and the "malign influence" of the Communist Party of China on British campuses has been "ignored for too long."

The embassy further stated that Hong Kong-related matters and the Taiwan question are purely China's internal affairs that brook no foreign interference.

Article 38 of the National Security Law stipulates that the Law shall apply to offences under the Law committed against the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region from outside the Region by a person who is not a permanent resident of the Region. This article is in line with international practice, and the principle of protective jurisdiction on national security it embodies is a globally accepted principle, according to the embassy.

The accusations made against this law come from ulterior motives and pure double standards and are totally untenable, the embassy said.

Global Times

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