Pompeo’s dirty smears will never obliterate faith in CPC

By Li Qingqing Source: Global Times Published: 2020/11/12 21:33:41

Pompeo Photo:AFP

The US is "not finished yet" when it comes to getting tough on China, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said. According to Bloomberg's report, Pompeo on Tuesday used his strongest rhetoric to date to describe the Chinese government, calling the Communist Party of China (CPC) a "Marxist-Leninist monster" whose rule is "authoritarian, brutish and antithetical to human freedom."

Smearing China has become Pompeo's daily work. Under the democratic system that the US is so proud of, Pompeo's job is basically attacking the CPC in almost all aspects, ignoring the objective fact which is a huge slap in his face. 

Pompeo and his like are so proud of the US democracy, calling it a "shining city on a hill" on Tuesday. But the so-called checks and balances between the two parties are constantly pulling American society into two different directions, with the country becoming increasingly divided. The election has further magnified disputes between the two parties. For example, after Joe Biden won the election, a 31-year-old man was shot during a post-election celebration in Seattle's Capitol Hill neighborhood. And on November 6, a shooter in a moving car targeted Donald Trump's supporters, injuring two women. 

People both celebrated Biden's victory and protested it on the same street, and some of them were even armed. Such surreal scenes have actually become the most representative and condensed picture of the US at the moment. In many states, Trump and Biden have very similar approval ratings. But under the US' winner-takes-all electoral system, no matter who wins, nearly half of the people will be dissatisfied with the result. This has almost become a chronic disease in the American system which is very difficult to resolve. Can the US' democratic system still achieve a compromise? It seems that the light on the "shining city on a hill" is fading out.

However, Pompeo not only chooses to turn a blind eye to these problems, but he even predicted that "the eventual exit of China from one-party rule" will happen. Any reasonable person can see that his words do not make any sense at all. According to a Harvard University survey released in July and conducted in eight waves from 2003 to 2016, as many as 93.1 percent of Chinese respondents were either "relatively satisfied" or "highly satisfied" with the Chinese government, representing a remarkable rise of 7 percentage points from 2003. China's poorer residents feel that government is increasingly effective at delivering basic healthcare, welfare and other public services, the report noted.

The results reflect the tenacity and resilience of the CPC's governance. The satisfaction of the Chinese people is the greatest proof. And this fact can never be obliterated by Pompeo's demonization. Whether it's the so-called "one-party rule" or "two-party system," people's satisfaction and the improvement of people's living standards should be the only benchmark of governance. Smearing and boasting, based on ideological values and selfish political interests, do not count at all.

The cover of a recent edition of TIME magazine - half of a torn-up American national flag face mask - reflects the US' severe divisions amid the raging pandemic and the presidential election. Under the picture there are two words: "American reality." With all the celebrations and protests, and with Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day approaching, some believe that the US is going to enter one of its darkest moments.

Chinese people's living situation justifies the CPC's leadership, and Pompeo's malicious rhetoric fools no one. Haunted by the "Marxist-Leninismonster" in his brain, Pompeo and his like are dragging the American people into a capitalist black hole. It's very likely that Pompeo will eventually retreat from his position in months. By then, Pompeo's claims against China will sound like his political will. Yet China's booming development will attest that Pompeo is the "worst Secretary of State in history."

The author is a reporter with the Global Times. opinion@globaltimes.com.cn.


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