Exhibition shows Wuhan’s resilience in darkest days

By Zhao Yusha Source: Global Times Published: 2020/11/25 18:48:40

People visit the exhibition on COVID-19 in Wuhan. Photo: Zhao Yusha/GT

Few people were out on the streets for the cold and rainy weather in Wuhan on Saturday, but there was hustle and bustle in one venue.

A 1,445-meter exhibition center was filled with 6,000 items including photos, videos, physical exhibitions, large-scale scenes, and interactive projects telling touching stories of how Wuhan people fought the coronavirus.

Since the exhibition opened on October 16, it has welcomed people all over the country to see how this "heroic city" beat the virus with "bravery, solidarity, determination and cooperation."

"We now have 3,000 visitors per day on average," said an employee of the exhibition center. 

Jin Jiannan, a local architect, brought his six-year-old son to the exhibition on Saturday. "I brought my son here for the first time. I want him to remember what we have been through," said Jin.

He said that as a Wuhan local, before watching this exhibition, he only felt the anxiety and inconvenience during the city-wide lockdown. "Now I have much deeper sympathy for those front line medical workers and how assistance from all over China, even all over the world, helped Wuhan survive difficult times."

Cheng Xing, a student from China University of Geosciences, who originally is from Changchun, Northeast China's Jilin Province, told the Global Times that "I have watched some photos and videos on the exhibition on news before, but when those items are placed in front of me, I feel differently. I feel the power of the people, and the city."

Chen said as he sees many Western countries facing the onslaught of the pandemic, he feels the efficiency and the power of Chinese government.

The fight over the virus was imprinted on the exhibition halls, and the impact of the pandemic lingers and encourages people to be more careful in their daily lives.

Jin said he will still avoid crowded places and asked his son to do the same. "For us Wuhan people, we pay extra attention to hygiene details… because we went through the pain."


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