Attempted Western spiritual colonization doomed to end

By Mu Lu Source: Global Times Published: 2020/12/3 22:03:25

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Australia's war of words with China over a satirical cartoon that condemned Australian troops' murder of innocent Afghans is ongoing. As more reports reveal the elite Australian soldiers' misconduct in Afghanistan, Australia is increasingly embarrassed. 

Some of Australia's allies have engaged in this war of words, and arrogantly talk only about their stance and principles rather than the facts. 

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison on November 18 phoned Afghan President Ashraf Ghani to express his "deepest sorrow." And one day later, Australian Defence Force Chief Angus Campbell said, "I sincerely and unreservedly apologize" to the people of Afghanistan. However, Morrison refused to accept China's criticism but vented his anger as if China had groundlessly smeared his country.  

The logic behind Morrison's moves is quite simple: The West can do anything it wants, but non-Westerners are not allowed. 

This is the consistent style of Western whites: The West must always be in a superior status and position. With such a mentality, they never accept the idea that other races can enjoy equality. Feeling superior to others, they believe the West must take control of each and every thing, be it the economy or technology. 

Morrison didn't say anything when European and American media outlets reported Australian troops' misconduct with words like "war crimes" (as the criticism came from the West). But he reacted fiercely when a Chinese diplomat condemned the brutal murder. 

In the eyes of some Western elites, adopting a non-Western system and ideology and refusing to be a vassal of the West is the sin of China. Brainwashed by such discourse, many ordinary people in the West would buy Western politicians' lies about China, even though the COVID-19 has killed hundreds of thousands in the West while vulnerable groups cannot "breathe." 

As a result, any action and word of China is unacceptable to Westerners who have an overwhelming sense of superiority. To them, the West can stigmatize China over the so-called human rights issues with disinformation and accuse China of "genocide," but China is not even allowed to give its opinion on the viral reports circulating in the West. 

After 160 years, the bronze horse head stolen by invading forces when Anglo-French Alliance Forces razed the Old Summer Palace in 1860 finally returned to its home on Tuesday. But many Westerners still believe that China is the semi-colonial and semi-feudal society that they arbitrarily bullied in the 19th century. 

As they cannot hold colonies anymore, they attempt to spiritually colonize others with their so-called universal values of democracy and human rights. However, the West's narrow-minded moralistic tricks cannot last except in deceiving Westerners. 

As China rises, more and more developing countries will not accept to be brainwashed by the West anymore. Nor will they stay silent and tolerate the West's double standards on human rights and other issues. 

In the future, more people like Chinese cartoonist Wuheqilin and Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Zhao Lijian will stand out to tell the truth to the world and have dialogue with the West on a completely fair and equal status.

The world construct has greatly changed. Whether or not the West will accept it, the belief the West is the center of the world will eventually come to an end.

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