US hypocrisy is breaking bottom line of international relations: Global Times editorial

Source: Global Times Published: 2020/12/8 21:48:40

Hong Kong Photo: VCG

The US on Monday announced its sanctions of 14 vice chairpersons of the standing committee of the National People's Congress (NPC), China's legislative body. This is an unprecedented provocation. Objectively speaking, these sanctions will not have any real impact on the work and lives of the 14 officials, as they are unlikely to have any connections with the US targeted by the sanctions. Nowadays, Chinese officials have been keeping high alert to any relations with the US except work.

But vice chairpersons of the NPC standing committee are China's senior officials. The latest US sanctions on them are a very malicious precedent and another proof of the anti-China hysteria of the current US administration. The US administration now announces one or more anti-China measures almost every day. How can it still be called the administration of a 21st-century major power? The destruction of its paranoia and impulsiveness on world peace makes it look like the formation of the Islamic State - it is breaking the bottom line of norms of international relations and major power exchanges.

The current US administration refused to fulfill the basic humanitarian responsibility during the COVID-19 epidemic that has claimed the lives of more than 280,000 Americans. When it comes to human rights, the current US administration should feel ashamed. We cannot find more suitable words than "brazen shamelessness" to describe it when it pointed its finger at the so-called human rights violations in Hong Kong and Xinjiang.  

The boastful members of the House just passed their so-called Hong Kong People's Freedom and Choice Act. Extreme negative energy and looseness are filled in the US Congress. Featuring ugly populism and nationalism, Congress has been jeopardized by ferocious bipartisan struggles, but is still indulging in narcissism.

The brewing anti-China manic among the ruling elite of the US would just be unbelievable a few years ago. Such mania originates from the fact that they cannot bear China's fast development. Their dark side of humanity is unscrupulously surfacing. They hold the banner of human rights high to cover their evil, making themselves look as if they really care about the well-being of people on the other side of the earth, regardless of the various kinds of unfairness on US soil. Hypocrisy is inevitable, but they even feel bothered to conceal their hypocrisy. 

On Monday, US President Donald Trump touted "America First" again as he will sign an executive order on Tuesday affirming that Americans should receive coronavirus vaccines before any are distributed to other nations. Are the lives of people in other countries not valuable? Where has Washington's care for the human rights of other countries gone? Luckily, the development of vaccines in China has forged ahead, which brings hope to people in developing countries who also enjoy the right of virus prevention.

Some political elites in the US severely tarnished the idea of human rights, making the idea an aggressive weapon to impair world unity and peace. When the US and its allies chant the slogan of human rights, they are probably ready to impose sanctions and create confrontations between countries. More people would suffer from it, and the number is much more than that of the people whom they claim to protect. A "human rights war" might occur in the world some day. These elites are dragging humanity backward. 

China will definitely carry out countermeasures against the US sanctions of 14 Chinese officials. The current US administration shouldn't assume that its malicious moves can be repeated and will not be retaliated. It overestimates itself. China will return it with a couple of slaps.

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