Young crfatsmen stun netizens with Transformers built out of used car parts

Source: Global Times Published: 2020/12/16 20:40:15

Life-sized sculptures of characters from the Transformers film franchise made of scrap metal parts at the Ban Hun Lek museum in Thailand Photo: AFP

A group of post-80's young men in Baoding, North China's Hebei Province, recently amazed Chinese netizens with their craftsmanship by making replicas of Transformers out of used car parts. Their largest model, an Optimus Prime, is over 12 meters in height.

In a video circulating online, a replica of Bumblebee changes forms as smoothly as it did in the "Transformers" fiction series.

To make the replica, they used worn parts of real cars, together with some plates made according to the films and animations, and then cut and welded them together, said Quan Likun, a member of the team.

"It may seem easy, but the difficult part is the continuity and overall control," Quan said. He has been making the replicas for more than ten years.

Many netizens expressed their envy of the team's mechanic skills. Some also reminded them to be aware of possible intellectual property infringement.

"This is so awesome. Their childhood dreams have finally come true," one netizen commented.

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