Individual prosperity is tied to national strength

Source:Global Times Published: 2012-10-26 0:35:04

In the last debate before the presidential election between US President Barack Obama and his Republican challenger Mitt Romney, the two candidates mentioned China 35 times and said nothing about India. Chinese people complained bitterly about the way US election candidates used China as a gimmick, while Indian people were upset at being ignored in the debate.

US presidential candidates talk a lot about China because China deserves cautious treatment from the US, despite its low-key approach. India's economy has just overtaken South Korea and is now ranked 10th in size worldwide. Although sometimes US leaders have high praise for India, their goal is to take China down.

China has already become a global power. Some foreigners even view China as a superpower. Is there any connection between national strength and the people's welfare? The answer is definitely yes, although sometimes we cannot feel that.

China has stayed away from wars and serious border clashes for a long time. There are no serious religious clashes or racial conflicts within China. This kind of situation wouldn't be possible without China's strong national strength and independence. We are no longer facing direct military threats or sanctions from powerful external forces. Modern China has enough rights to select its own development model and enough space to develop and compete with other powers. This kind of environment will create better conditions for developing the individual lives of China's citizens.

Intellectuals and businessmen will also benefit from a more powerful China. Even Chinese people traveling abroad will feel better.

Ordinary Chinese consumers enjoy a stable supply of global resources because of China's powerful national strength. Chinese people's interests enjoy more respect in terms of global trade rules.

Furthering the nation's development will also ease domestic tensions and improve the welfare system as well as increase the dignity of individual lives.

China hasn't developed completely. Promising that there are many benefits to being a Chinese citizen may sound like boasting, however, the situation experienced by ordinary Chinese people has dramatically changed.

Although there are many complaints about people's livelihoods in terms of education, medical care, pensions, transportation and environmental protection, few people are claiming that society is in too much disorder. Complaints can reflect the real problems China has, and at the same time, they also show that China is at a new stage of development.

Therefore, don't believe some people who say strong national strength is at odds with the people's welfare. Those are deceitful words. 

The interests of individuals are inextricably linked with those of the country, regardless of past, present or future.

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