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By Jiang Yuxia Source:Global Times Published: 2012-12-20 21:25:04

Soy and pigs feet can boost breast growth.
Soy and pigs feet can boost breast growth.
Papaya contains estrogen. Photos: CFP
Papaya contains estrogen. Photos: CFP

The immediate effects of breast enhancement surgeries has lured many women to go under the knife. However, the steep cost, potential side effects and unnatural-looking results have led other women to seek natural and inexpensive alternatives.

"We get a lot of young women between 20 to 35 years old with A or B cups who come to consult us on breast enlargement," said Song Yiyi, a beautician and breast masseuse with the Sanctuary Spa in Chaoyang district. "They are eager to enhance their bust sizes but a lot of them are unable to afford the expensive surgeries." A breast enlargement surgery can start from 10,000 yuan ($1,605).

Plastic surgery also comes with risks, Song noted. In the 2011 French implant scandal, more than 300,000 women were given implants with cheaper, industrial-grade silicon rather than medical-grade, causing leakage, ruptures or even cancer. What's more, breast implants may impede the breast-feeding process. Therefore, more women are looking for natural ways, from diet and massage, to acupuncture and exercise. These methods might take longer to work, but can be safer.

Collagen-rich foods

The breast is primarily made up of connective and fatty tissues, of which collagen is the major competent. So to help breasts expand and stay firm, Song says, foods rich in collagen are beneficial for breast enlargement.

"Protein in the body consumed through food will be broken down into amino acids and then collagen," said nutritionist Li Chun. Traditional Chinese foods that pack a high-protein punch include pig and chicken feet and pig's skin, usually stewed.

Luo Tao, 21, a manicurist at Sanctuary Spa with F cups said she was fed a lot of these high-protein foods when she was a teenager, as her mother was concerned with her physical growth. "I had stewed pig's feet and skin almost everyday when I was in puberty. It was meant to help me grow taller and healthier, but it also helped with breast growth," said Luo.

There are drinks sold on the market that are said to be rich in collagen, but Li warned that the processed drinks might not work as effectively as food.

Estrogen-rich foods

Breast growth is also brought about by the hormone estrogen. Dairy and soy products, affordable and very easily accessible in Beijing, top recommendations from nutritionists and beauticians.

"Soy has the nickname of 'plant estrogen,'" said Li. Soy can also help counterbalance testosterone in the body. "If there is a high level of testosterone in the body, soy will automatically help decrease the index to help achieve a more balanced ratio." Soy can be either consumed as soy milk or tofu.

However, every body is different and will respond differently, so not everyone will see results quickly, warned Li. Another matter to keep in mind is that excessive intake of estrogen can cause side effects such as weight gain.

Fruits high in fiber and estrogen, such as papaya, apple, cherry, date, plum and pomegranate, can also stimulate breast growth. Luo recommends stewed papaya for promoting breast growth as well as for whitening of the skin and triggering weight loss.


Massage can also be a good tool in the quest to go up a cup. It can help facilitate blood circulation in the chest and relieve breast hyperplasia. "As the size of the breast is largely determined by the amount of fat it has, massage can help shove the fat in the waist, upper arms and back to the breast," said Song. Massage incorporating oil can enhance the effect. Ten sessions of massage is the recommended treatment program for best results.


Acupuncture has long been used by Chinese for weight loss as it can adjust endocrine in the body. The same method can also be applied to increasing breast size, particularly for those with a hormone deficiency and immature development of breasts since puberty. Acupuncture points can stimulate the growth of glands and increase the amount of endocrine, which can help active breast cells. It can also facilitate blood circulation in the breast.


Strengthening the pectoralis major can also lead to a more shapely figure, said Li Abao with Happy Fitness gym in Chaoyang district. Many yoga poses work on the pectoral muscles and can facilitate growth of breast tissues. Two poses to start with are bow and cobra pose. These poses, along with the other diet, massage, acupuncture and exercise tips can help uplift and firm the chest area.

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