Touching stories among the rubble

Source:Global Times Published: 2013-4-22 1:33:02

Huang Yurong has no idea how she managed to lift a 100 kilogram object that had fallen on her son during Saturday's earthquake.

After the family members ran to safety they realized Huang's son, Ling Li, had been buried under the ruins of their collapsed house. When Huang realized her adult son was missing she went back into the rubble.

"Mom will get you out," she yelled to her son as she made her way to his side, without regard for her own safety and the danger of further collapse, the Chengdu-based West China City Daily reported on Sunday, without providing the age of Huang or Li.

The mother managed to lift the slab, which the paper did not identify, and got her son to safety.

Only after her son received medical treatment for an injury near his waist did she start to feel pain in her own waist.

Ling was shocked by his mother's strength, saying love was the source of her power.

The story of Huang and her son was just one of the touching stories to emerge.

Lu Caiwen, shouted "collapse" and helped his girlfriend to get out of their house just before it collapsed.

"I'll marry no one but this man," said Lu's girlfriend Xiao Qin. The brave boyfriend suffered multiple injuries, including a blow to the head while the young woman did not have a scratch.

Zou Hanjun, a 49-year-old mother, died protecting her son. As rescuers retrieved her body from the rubble of her home, they found her 7-year-old Yang Fuzhen, being held tight in her arms.

The boy miraculously escaped unscathed, thanks to his mother's protection which cost her life.

Global Times - Xinhua


Urgently-needed supplies


Local media in Sichuan published a list of badly-needed supplies on Sunday in the earthquake-stricken area.

They include the following: rainproof tarpaulin and rain gear. Women's sanitary products, and infant supplies such as milk powder and cotton swabs are also needed, along with the  foodstuffs such as bread, biscuits, drinking water and instant noodles. Blankets, tents, torches, battery, dynamo, radio set and mosquito repellent are also required.

Strechers, disinfectant, sanitizers, first-aid medicine for trauma are also needed.

Needed medicines include: tetanus immune globulin, phosphonomycin, ethamsylate, injury tablets, tablets for promoting coronary circulation, Dexamethason, Tramadol, Benorilate.



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