Photo leak: Netizens pissed over public urination during Beijing marathon Published: 2013-10-21 15:39:57

Runners urinate against the wall of the Forbidden City during the Beijing International Marathon on October 20. Photo:

A row of runners in the Beijing International Marathon answer nature's call along a hedge during the event on October 20. Photo:

Photos of runners urinating along walls of the Forbidden City and other streets during the Beijing International Marathon on October 20 made a splash after they leaked online, the Beijing News reported.

Dozens of male marathoners, including foreigners, were caught with their pants down answering nature's call along the palace walls. The photos triggered widespread outrage among netizens.

Marathon organizers have yet to respond to doubts expressed online as to the  lack of sufficient toilets along the course.

A participant surnamed Zhou, who claims to have run the Beijing Marathon numerous times, said that runners urinate in the streets almost every year.

A total of 30,000 runners from 40 countries and regions participated this year's event, which was first held in 1981.

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