Mao’s legacy foundation of Chinese rejuvenation

Source:Global Times Published: 2013-12-25 19:43:01

December 26 of this year marks the 120th anniversary of Mao Zedong's birth. This great man is sent into the spotlight of public opinion once again. Mao's influence, especially his prestige, is still powerful in Chinese society.

Mao's influence after death does not impede China's reform and opening-up. In retrospect, the past decades have witnessed great achievements by China. In the meantime, evaluation of Mao has confronted controversies. But mainstream society keeps its tone objective on this issue.

After Mao, China's ruling party has developed his ideology into a profoundly practical system of socialist theories with Chinese characteristics. This political and ideological evolution is even praised around the whole world.

The success of reform and opening-up is built on Mao's legacy, which supplies a broad framework in terms of politics, economy and social management. The following leaderships of China have inherited many critical principles from Mao's generation, such as the spirit of independence and self-reliance. They have also tried to keep pace with the times, and have changed many outdated mindsets from Mao's time.

It should be pointed out that Mao made numerous explorations to blaze the trail for the development of Chinese socialism. The mistakes that he made are the results of historic limitations. They cannot be wholly imputed to Mao alone. The responsibility should be taken by the entire nation. China surely needs to reflect on that age, but for the purpose of drawing lessons instead of cooking up charges.

Under Deng Xiaoping's leadership, China started driving in the fast track of reform and opening-up. Obsolete regimes such as the lifelong official system and personality cult have been abandoned. The whole society has also re-established the principles of practicality and rationality.

Today, human rights and free speech are much more valued and promoted than in Mao's time. The whole nation has also been profoundly enlightened during its pursuit of modernization.

It must be noted that without Mao and his generation's endeavors, as well as these mistakes, it would be impossible for China to finally find the right path of development.

Mao's efforts to rejuvenate China were destined to meet detours, but he has injected the most important impetus into China's development. This great man has left an invaluable legacy as well as bitter lessons to the nation, and China is learning to be objectively discriminating. This is why this land is now full of hope.

The article is an editorial published in the Chinese edition of the Global Times on Tuesday.

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