Malta to attract tourists by targeting niche tourism

Source:Xinhua Published: 2014-3-16 9:20:42

Malta is now going to use niche market as an attraction for visitors to this archipelago, Karmenu Vella, Maltese Tourism Minister has revealed, local media said Saturday.

He said on Friday that attracting tourists during the winter months will provide much more work for the tourism industry, also including the fashion and religion market, as a matter of fact that a large part of Malta's economic growth was dependent on the tourism sector with 20,000 personnel currently employed in tourism-related work.

"We are making a big effort to increase our performances during the winter months as we believe there is the potential for a year-round operation in Malta," Vella said, "but we are also analysing niches such as fashion and religion to attract tourists".

He added that the medical tourism has already started in the field of dentistry.

The minister also expressed his satisfaction that the tourism sector is continuing to 'break records' with regard to inbound tourists, as the 10 percent increase last year was double that of the EU average.

Vella said that Malta had received numerous awards in recent months, amongst which it was voted as the third best diving destination in Europe by the United Kingdom and the best island resort award from Russia, whilst Gozo won a Travelers Choice award on Trip-advisor.

"These are far from personal accolades," he said. "They are results achieved by all the hard work people associated to the industry are carrying out".

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