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Turkey urges more support from Europe to assist displaced Syrians

Turkey is hosting over 3.6 million Syrian refugees on its soil, costing more than 40 billion U.S. dollars until now.
Source: CGTN | 2020/1/25 11:45:07

Heads of European Council, European Commission sign Brexit deal

European Council President Charles Michel and European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen on Friday signed an agreement on the withdrawal of the United Kingdom from the European Union, the Council said in a statement.
Source: Xinhua | 2020/1/25 8:37:26

Heads of European Council, European Commission sign Brexit deal

Heads of the European Council and the European Commission on Friday signed on Britain's exit from the European Union (EU) later this month.
Source: Xinhua | 2020/1/24 15:47:19

Russia's parliament approves Putin's constitutional reform legislation in first reading – Media

Russia's parliament approves Putin's constitutional reform legislation in first reading
Source: Xinhua | 2020/1/23 17:19:07

UK lawmakers approve Brexit bill after House of Lords backs down over changes

Britain's Brexit withdrawal bill was finally approved Wednesday night after historic votes in the Houses of Parliament, paving the way for Britain to leave the European Union (EU).
Source: Xinhua | 2020/1/23 15:29:01

Reaching out

French President Emmanuel Macron (left) is welcomed by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu (center) and his wife Sara in Jerusalem on Wednesday.
Source: VCG | 2020/1/22 20:53:42

US, British ministers trade threats in tit-for-tat tax row involving tech firms

US Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin and his British counterpart Sajid Javid clashed over taxation on Wednesday in a brewing battle over how Europe taxes the world's biggest technology firms.
Source: Reuters | 2020/1/22 20:48:49

Hats off

A performance troupe from East China's Shandong Province entertains visitors to the gala of the 44th Monte-Carlo International Circus Festival in Monaco on Tuesday.
Source: AFP | 2020/1/22 20:08:41

Greece elects first woman president in its history

Greece's parliament on Wednesday elected the first woman president in the country's history, a senior judge with an expertise in environmental and constitutional law.
Source: AFP | 2020/1/22 20:03:40

Russia receives new government

Russian President Vladimir Putin approved a new government on Tuesday which he described as a break with the past, bringing in some fresh faces but retaining many senior ministers.
Source: Reuters | 2020/1/22 19:58:40

Putin appoints new Russian cabinet members

Russian President Vladimir Putin appointed new cabinet members on Tuesday, according to the decrees Kremlin published on its website.
Source: Xinhua | 2020/1/22 7:46:57

Russians to get chance to discuss charter amendments

The Kremlin on Tuesday said the Russian public will have a chance to discuss proposed amendments to the constitution, defending the speed with which Russian President Vladimir Putin is overhauling the country's political order.
Source: AFP | 2020/1/21 22:38:40

UK to end early release of terror prisoners in wake of terrorist attack

The UK on Tuesday unveiled plans to end the early release of terrorism prisoners and increase their sentences, following last year's London Bridge attack by convicted terrorist Usman Khan.
Source: AFP | 2020/1/21 20:08:40

French campaigners highlight trawlers' deadly toll on dolphins

Three knocks on the cabin door: “Half past midnight!”
Source: AFP | 2020/1/21 19:18:40

Orwell's wife let him offer sex to lady friend

British writer George Orwell wrote to a female friend to say that they could have sex twice a year with his wife's approval, a set of letters bought by Orwell's son show, nearly 70 years after his death.
Source: Reuters | 2020/1/21 16:43:40

Europe's guardian of stem cells and hopes, real and unrealistic

Poland has emerged as Europe's leader in stem cell storage, a billion dollar global industry that is a key part of a therapy that can treat leukemia but raises excessive hopes.
Source: AFP | 2020/1/21 16:33:40

Russian scientists to have SNAP test for novel coronavirus within month: media

Russian scientists will have a SNAP test within a month to quickly detect the novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV) that caused cases of pneumonia, Russian newspaper Izvestia reported Monday.
Source: Xinhua | 2020/1/21 8:04:00

BBC boss Tony Hall to step down in six months

Embattled BBC boss Tony Hall will step down in six months' time, he told staff on Monday, as the British broadcaster grapples with a damaging equal-pay ruling and scrutiny over funding.
Source: People's Daily | 2020/1/21 7:56:25