Albania to revise law on gambling

Source:Xinhua Published: 2015-3-19 10:40:16

Albanian Minister of Finance Shkelqim Cani said Wednesday that the country's parliamentary committee has started discussing new changes to the gambling law, which aims to fight economic irregularities and fiscal evasion.

According to the new changes, casinos will be located outside cities and only in certain tourist areas and they will be obliged to register all the players.

Meanwhile, a person may be banned from entering the casinos if his or her family makes a request.

"Each casino will have its register of players, which will be located far away from education institutions and religious communities," Cani said.

Another important change is that the taxation for the licensing of casinos will vary from 400,000 lek (some $3,105) to 1 billion lek ($7.76 million) based on the activity of casinos.

Through the changes, Albania aims to reduce irregularities in this sector, improve the regulatory framework by implementing an online monitoring system for casinos by 2016 and reduce negative effects of gambling on the society.

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