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Relatives of Revolutionaries at this year’s CPPCC

Published: 2013-03-04 7:33:25 PM

The 24 children and relatives of early Chinese revolutionaries and former national leaders make up 1 percent of the 2,237 members of the CPPCC National Committee this year.

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Yao Ming details his sporting 'Chinese dream'

Published: 2013-03-04 10:13:34 AM

Former NBA player Yao Ming said his dream is to propel sports culture as he showed up on Sunday to fulfil his new role as a member of China's top political advisory body.

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China's Nobel laureate writes his own political story

Published: 2013-03-01 10:15:11 PM

As both a storyteller and a political advisor, Mo Yan, winner of the 2012 Nobel Prize for Literature, understands the difference between literature and politics.

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Political all-stars

Published: 2013-02-06 9:43:01 PM

While some government officials are brewing up a storm online for their leaked sex tapes, one soft core porn actress has made her own splash by debuting as a political adviser.

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List of eye-catching figures to appear during 2013 Two Sessions

Published: 2013-02-06 6:53:00 PM

As China’s top legislative body is to elect top state leaders in early March this year, the list of deputies to the top legislative body, along with members of the nation’s top political advisory body, which began to be released to the public in January, have triggered nationwide concern.

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Nobel laureate, former NBA player elected nat'l political advisors

Published: 2013-02-02 5:03:02 PM

Mo Yan, the 2012 Nobel Laureate in Literature, and Yao Ming, a former NBA star with the Houston Rockets, have been listed among China's national political advisors.

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Female villager elected in NPC record

Published: 2013-01-30 5:42:13 PM

Shen Jilan, a rural villager in north China's Shanxi Province, was elected deputy to the 12th National People's Congress (NPC), the country's top legislature, on Wednesday.

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Throwing open the doors

Published: 2013-01-25 1:28:01 AM

For the first time ever, the NPC is selecting urban and rural deputies based on population ratios, according to reports in the China News Service. While it's certain that more NPC deputies from the grass-roots level will show up, the extent of their contribution remains in question.

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