China's recovery in the National Day holiday

China recorded 637 million domestic tourists, generating total revenue of 467 billion yuan ($68.79 billion) during the National Day holiday, recovering to 69.9 percent of last year's level in revenue.

China's 13th Five-Year Plan Achievements

China's 13th Five-Year Plan Achievements
Soure:Global Times: 2020/10/29 22:13:01

China's 13th Five-Year Plan achievements: medical treatment & public health

China's achievements in 13th Five Year Plan in terms of medical treatment & public health: Chinese people's average age increased to 77.3. Medical insurance covers more than 95% of all citizens. Check out this infographic for more:
Soure:Global Times: 2020/10/28 20:27:19

China ranks among the world's safest places

China is among the world's safest places, according to a Gallup report which evaluated levels of safety in different countries/areas based on factors such as confidence in the police and feelings of personal safety. Over 90% of Chinese feel safe to walk alone at night.
Soure:Global Times: 2020/10/28 20:07:05

Inferior weapons Taiwan has bought from the US

The Chinese government has sanctioned 3 US arms makers for selling weapons to Taiwan. However, the weapons Taiwan has purchased are not high-qualified, and US arms dealers are earning huge profits. Check this infographic for more details:
Soure:Global Times: 2020/10/27 23:29:32

China's 13th Five-Year Plan achievements on agriculture and poverty alleviation

Grain output exceeded 650 mln tons for 6 consecutive years; per capita food output stabilized at more than 470kg; by end of 2020, all people will be lifted out of poverty. Check out our graphic about the 13th Five Year Plan achievements on agriculture and poverty alleviation.
Soure:Global Times: 2020/10/27 18:56:26

Outbound Xinjiang Migrant workers enjoy more development opportunities

Outbound Xinjiang Migrant workers enjoy more development opportunities
Soure:Global Times: 2020/10/26 23:19:55

All about the Kashi outbreak in Northwest China's Xinjiang

164 asymptomatic #COVID19 cases reported as of Monday. Kashi is conducting mass nucleic acid testing and is hoping to test the entire city's population of 4.7 million people by Tuesday.
Soure:Global Times: 2020/10/26 21:01:05

China's 13th Five-Year Plan achievements on transportation

China's high-speed railways top the world with 38,000 kilometers. 99.38% of villages complete access to bus services. Number of parcels reached 80 billion, more than the numbers from the US, Japan and Europe combined.
Soure:Global Times: 2020/10/26 17:21:02

The US fails to pay its dues to international organizations

With nearly $1,090m in contributions in arrears – accounting for 73% of the UN regular budget – the US has failed to fulfill its funding obligations to the UN and remains the major reason of UN's liquidity crisis. How much does the US owe to support global governance?
Soure:Global Times: 2020/10/21 21:16:14

China's 13th five-year plan achievements -- environment protection section

As of Sep 2020, China has completed environmental protection goals in various areas. With China's 13th Five-Year Plan coming to an end, its achievements in environmental protection are obvious: reducing climate change, air pollution, etc. Check the infographic for more details:
Soure:Global Times: 2020/10/21 17:18:44

Report on US damage to global environmental governance

Budget cut, failure to fulfill its carbon emission reduction target and withdrawal from the Paris Agreement, the US has damaged the global environmental governance by rescinding its climate-related measures and disrupting other countries' environmental process.
Soure:Global Times: 2020/10/20 22:52:00