Highlights of Chinese FM's press conference

Will Hong Kong's national security law affect the city's autonomy? Is it true that China expands its presence in the South China Sea during the COVID-19 pandemic? Check out the highlights from Chinese FM's press conference at Two Sessions.
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China's major targets in 2020

Soure:Globaltimes.cn: 2020/5/22 17:57:38

China's per capita disposable income

China to keep its residents' income growth synchronized with that of 2020 economic growth
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China's rural population in poverty

China to reduce rural poor population by 5.51 million in 2020
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China's newly created jobs

China to create over 9 million new urban jobs in 2020
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China's tax reduction

China to reduce over 2.5 trillion yuan tax burdens in 2020
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China's consumer price index

China to keep consumer inflation at around 3.5% in 2020
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China's GDP

No GDP target is set for 2020
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China's health care in 2020

China to increase medical insurance subsidy for each citizen by 30 yuan (about $4.2) to 550 yuan in 2020, and per capita fiscal subsidy for basic public health services by 5 yuan to 74 yuan.
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Top 10 countries by military spending in 2019

Top 10 countries by military spending in 2019
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China's defense budget 2011-2020

China set its 2020 defense budget growth target at 6.6 percent, lower than the 7.5 percent growth in 2019.
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How deputies and members across China attend two sessions in Beijing

Under the strict epidemic controls, how do delegations from around China enter Beijing to attend the upcoming 2020 two sessions? Nucleic acid testing and sealed-off hotels are essential. Check the info to know more:
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