Israeli airstrikes on Gaza tunnels kill two Palestinians
Published: May 03, 2009 04:13 PM Updated: May 25, 2011 12:45 PM

Two Palestinian were killed and four wounded on Saturday in a series of Israeli army airstrikes on the borderline zone between southern Gaza Strip and Egypt, medics and security sources said.

The security sources of Hamas, which rules the Gaza Strip said that Israeli war jets struck by air-to-ground missiles three underground tunnels under the borderline zone between southern Gaza Strip town of Rafah and Egypt.

Residents in the town said they heard a series of bombings in the area, adding that they saw Israeli F16 warplanes hovering over the area, and then they heard several explosions.

Rescue teams and ambulances arrived at the scene and evacuated four wounded people, said the security sources, adding that the teams continued searching for two missing who were buried under the rubbles of the destroyed tunnels.

Gaza emergency chief Moaweya Hassanein confirmed that later in the afternoon, rescue teams found the bodies of two Palestinians. The bodies were taken to Rafah hospital.

The Israeli airstrikes on the borderline zone came shortly after two homemade rockets were fired from the Gaza Strip at southern Israel. No injuries or damaged were reported, said Israeli Radio.

An Israeli army spokesman confirmed that Israeli war jets carried out a series of airstrike on the borderline zone area between Rafah town and Egypt, adding that three tunnels used for smuggling were destroyed.

After Israel imposed a tight blockade on the Gaza Strip and prevented goods free passage, Palestinians dug hundreds of tunnels under the border area between Gaza and Egypt, and smuggled different kinds of products and Egyptian fuels for cars.

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