Fatah, Hamas leaders extend Cairo dialogue for another day
Published: May 18, 2009 09:34 AM Updated: May 25, 2011 12:45 PM

Leaders of rival Fatah and Hamas movements agreed on Sunday to extend their debates on outstanding issues, mainly security and government for another day, a senior Palestinian official said.

Nabil Shaath, a senior Fatah leader told reporters in statements published by local news websites based in Gaza that the bilateral dialogue between Fatah and Hamas held in Cairo on Saturday, was agreed to be extended until Monday.

"It was agreed to finalize the dialogue on Monday, where the conferees and chiefs of other factions will get back to Cairo on early July to discuss the final draft of the agreement," said Shaath.

He added that it was agreed to reactivate the different committees related to security, government, PLO, elections and inter-reconciliation to finalize all the remaining differences. The committees will convene soon in Cairo, he confirmed.

Earlier on Sunday, Fatah negotiator Azzam el-Ahmed quoted Omer Suleiman, Egypt's intelligence chief as saying that "whether the conferees accept or not, a reconciliation agreement must be signed in July."

Shaath said that the final draft of the agreement will be discussed in a comprehensive meeting that will be held in July and will include the chiefs of all the factions, including Fatah and Hamas movements.

"The agreement will be signed on July 7 in Cairo," said Shaath, adding that "Egypt would send on July 7 a committee of Egyptian and Arab security officers to the Gaza Strip to observe the implementation of the agreement."

    He added that Fatah and Hamas leaders will hold a last meeting in Cairo on Monday "to discuss the remained outstanding issues, and the joint committee proposed by Egypt to be in charge of implementing the agreement."

    Egypt has proposed to form a factional committee to be under the command of president Mahmoud Abbas to coordinate between the two leadership, Hamas government in Gaza and Fatah government in the West Bank.

    "The talks on Monday will focus on forming a joint security force in the Gaza Strip to restore security and calm in the enclave," said Shaath.

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