Israeli war jets strike Gaza-Egypt borderline zone
Published: May 20, 2009 12:29 PM Updated: May 25, 2011 12:46 PM

Israeli war jets on Tuesday night struck the borderline area between southern Gaza Strip town of Rafah and Egypt, with no casualty, witnesses and Hamas security sources said.

Witnesses said they saw F16 warplanes hovered over Rafah town and then two explosions were heard after two bombs fired by the warplanes struck the borderline area and destroyed tunnels used by Palestinians for smuggling.

Hamas security sources confirmed in a statement that Israeli warplanes struck the area with two bombs and destroyed tunnels dug under the borderline area between Rafah and Egypt. No injures were reported, said the sources.

Israel said it had destroyed 60 percent of the tunnels during the 22-day Israeli military offensive on the Gaza Strip that ended on Jan. 18.

The Palestinians dug thousands of tunnels after Israel tightened its blockade on the enclave and prevented products to enter through crossings between Israel and Gaza. The tunnels are used for smuggling goods, food, medicine and fuels.

But Israel said that Hamas, which rules the Gaza Strip, and other militant groups are using the tunnels to smuggle weapons from Egypt into the Gaza Strip used for carrying out attacks against Israel.

The Israeli airstrike on Tuesday night came shortly after Israeli Radio reported that two homemade rockets were fired earlier on Tuesday evening at the southern Israeli town of Sderout.No injuries or damages were reported.

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