Huawei launches powerful AI processor Ascend 910
Published: Aug 23, 2019 05:54 PM
Chinese tech giant Huawei on Friday launched the Ascend 910, which is described by the company as the world's most powerful artificial intelligence (AI) processor, and an all-scenario AI computing framework MindSpore.

The Shenzhen-based company said the Ascend 910, which will be used for AI model training, performs much better than previously expected.

Huawei announced the planned specs of the new AI processor, belonging to the Ascend-Max chipset series, in 2018 as part of the company's strategy to build a full-stack, all-scenario AI portfolio.

"After a year of ongoing development, test results now show that the Ascend 910 processor delivers on its performance goals with much lower power consumption than originally planned," the company said in a statement.

Also launched on Friday was MindSpore, an AI computing framework that aims to support the development of AI applications in all scenarios.