Central government ‘has to be a player’ in restoring peace to HK
Published: Nov 21, 2019 02:13 PM

A view of Hong Kong in June Photo: IC

China's central government is expected to play a role in resolving what's been happening in Hong Kong where there are real security risks, the founder of a US-based financial and economics firm said on Thursday.

The mood around Hong Kong has changed over time. "Now, people are really worried. Businesses have shut down. There are real security risks," Dambisa Moyo, founder and CEO of Mildstorm, told the Global Times on the sidelines of the New Economy Forum in Beijing.

The situation in Hong Kong is not good, she said, citing the vacancy rates in hotels. 

"Because [the situation] has escalated to this level of seriousness, I think there's more of an understanding that China's [central government] has to be a player in trying to resolve what's been happening in Hong Kong. It can't continue forever like that."

The knock-on effects for other countries are negative until someone has to do something, said the former Goldman Sachs research economist.

Meanwhile, she expressed optimism toward China-US trade talks.

"I'm optimistic that both the US and China understand that there has to be some kind of solution," Moyo said, nothing that there are many other issues beyond trade that have to be addressed.

"The very fact [that there are] negotiations means both sides are coming to the table saying there is give and take and this is what we want as well. I'm more optimistic than perhaps [most] people would be." 

The markets went down in the US on Wednesday over concerns that there might be a delay in the first phase of the trade deal.