China-US phase one trade deal progresses despite pandemic: Chinese ambassador
Published: Apr 12, 2020 02:27 PM

Chinese and US trade officials make attempt at striking a trade deal to defuse an increasingly bruising trade war that has rattled global markets and presented mounting challenges to both economies. Photo: VCG

Implementation of the China-US phase one trade deal is progressing despite the spread of the pandemic in the US, Cui Tiankai, Chinese Ambassador to the US, said during an interview on the US broadcast show Gzero World. 

In the interview, Cui stressed that China is "doing its part" to carry out the agreed terms, such as still purchasing some of the agricultural products from the US and removing some of the restrictions on foreign companies investing in China's financial market. 

"As far as I know, even for the last few weeks, when we are faced with this very serious, critical (coronavirus) situation, people are still working on the implementation of the phase one deal. Hopefully, we can still do it," said Cui in the interview at Gzero World. 

Cui said that he hoped the economic teams in China and the US can sit down together" or "just have a videoconference call" to make an assessment of the changing realities and coordinate a response. 

Cars headed for overseas markets are seen at Lianyungang Port in East China's Jiangsu Province on Wednesday. According to the port, its cargo throughput in the first quarter reached 62.86 million tons, up 3.28 percent year-on-year. Photo: cnsphoto

The ambassador's comments came at a time when the spread of the coronavirus in the US and the rising animosity among some US politicians against China have cast shadow on the relations between the two largest economies in the world and the prospects of their trade deal signed in January. 

Cui described the China-US relationship as being "complex and comprehensive," but stressed that the two countries' top leaders have maintained good communication and agreed that China and the US should work together. 

"This is the time for solidarity and cooperation...I certainly don't want to see any escalation of tensions between our two countries at any time, and especially at this critical moment (of fighting coronavirus)," he said. 

Cui also stressed that China and the US should enhance cooperation and reject any attempt of "taking political advantage of other people's suffering." 

Global Times