Microsoft China listed as ‘person subject to enforcement’, liable for payment of 1m yuan
Published: Jun 08, 2020 09:40 PM

US software giant Microsoft Corp. (Microsoft) said Thursday that its greener cloud services can save customers up to 93 percent of energy and carbon efficiency than traditional computing.

Microsoft China was listed by a Beijing court as a person subject to enforcement on Thursday and liable for a payment of nearly 1 million yuan ($141,355), statistics from Chinese corporate database Tianyancha showed on Monday.

According to several open databases, Microsoft China was listed as a person subject to enforcement by Beijing First Intermediate People's Court last Thursday, with no further details. The payment detailed was 952,215 yuan.

The company was founded in November 1995 with a registered capital of approximately $119 million. Microsoft China is wholly owned by Microsoft, according to Tianyancha.

"Being included as 'the person subject to enforcement' is not a punishment. The name refers to the party to be dealt with in a case," a certified lawyer said on his personal Sina Weibo account.

"The information only shows that Microsoft China lost a civil lawsuit, and it did not pay when the time stipulated in the judgment was up. The winning party applied for enforcement to the court, which was accepted, that's all. It is not clarified with whom and in what case Microsoft China had the lawsuit. Whether Microsoft has defaulted on its debts, whether it will be able to pay back the money, whether it will be blacklisted, these questions remain unknown," explained the lawyer.

According to Tianyancha, Microsoft China has faced multiple lawsuits. It has been sued 11 times for disputes over sales contracts and seven times for patent infringement.