New rites of graduation online
Published: Jun 19, 2020 04:43 PM

Illustrations: Xia Qing/GT

Because of COVID-19, many Chinese students who graduate this year will have to experience a different and special online graduation ceremony. For example, Tsinghua University has announced that online graduation ceremonies will be held on Monday and Tuesday for all 2020 graduates due to Beijing's epidemic prevention and control. Many other Chinese universities have also announced similar policies. Jiangxi Agricultural University has even used Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology to help graduates take online pictures with computer generated backdrops of their friends and the beautiful scenery of the university. The COVID-19 epidemic has indeed brought inconvenience to 2020 graduates. Although these graduates cannot hug each other or chat face to face, with the help of computer science and AI technology, a special online graduation ceremony can also compensate for their regrets. For the 2020 graduates, the online graduation ceremony will definitely be a part of their precious memories that they will remember for a lifetime.