Season’s greetings with enrollment letters
Published: Aug 07, 2020 07:48 PM

Illustrations: Xia Qing/GT

As the season of university enrollment approaches in China, plenty of Chinese universities have unveiled their design of physical acceptance letters. Some have flowers inside, some are three-dimensionally designed, and some can even "sing" with the help of electronic devices. An acceptance letter is not only a confirmation of a student's enrollment - it is a sense of identity that is irreplaceable. The excitement and joy of receiving an acceptance letter is beyond words. Besides, a well-designed physical acceptance letter is also a good way to convey a university's cultural characteristics. Given that China has been through an arduous battle against COVID-19, a well-designed acceptance letter will not only be a cherished memory for life - it is also an encouragement for young people in this particularly special enrollment season. Not long afterward, freshmen this year will start a new phase of their life. It is hoped these special acceptance letters will carry the youth's dream and witness success and accomplishment for the rest of their lives.