Saving animals and humanity
Published: Sep 04, 2020 05:23 PM

Illustration: Xia Qing/GT

China has passed the strictest ban on illegal wildlife trade in February. This resolution is supported by the whole society. However, the illegal wildlife trade still exists. It has recently been reported that multiple merchants in two different food markets in Central China's Wuhan sell wild frogs. This happened not long after Wuhan lifted its lockdown. The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic is still in crisis mode. Unlawful indulgences of greed not only disregards rule of law but also violates life and health. Human beings still hold limited knowledge about COVID-19. But the fact that wildlife might be carrying new types of viruses is supported by an abundance of scientific evidence. If the "forbidden line" set by laws is easily crossed, any virus (existing or new) may appear at any time. The illegal wildlife trade ban is a protection both for wildlife and for people's lives and health. It is hoped that relevant authorities will carry out stricter law enforcement over this issue and that all people will boycott the illegal trade of wildlife. Or both animals and humanity are in deep trouble.