China opposes politicizing and stigmatizing cyber security issues: Foreign Ministry
Published: Dec 21, 2020 05:13 PM

Photo: FM

China opposes politicizing and stigmatizing cyber-security issues, and the country has resolutely cracked down on any activities of cyber hacking and cyber-related crimes, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Wang Wenbin said on Monday, a response after US President Donald Trump claimed on his Twitter account that China "may be" responsible for the large-scale cyber attacks on the US government.

US' slinging dirt on China by accusing China of launching cyber attacks is ridiculous and contradictory, which is designed to serve a political purpose, and discredit China, Wang added. 

For a long time, the US government has politicized the issue of cyber security, continuously spreading false information, attempting to damage China's reputation among the international community, Wang explained.

China is a defender of cyber security and is also one of the biggest victims of hacking attacks. China has always opposed and sought to guard against cyber attacks and crimes, Wang said.

"The US government has a poor record when it comes to cyberspace crimes, and it is the country least qualified to point fingers at other nations." Wang said, adding that China has proposed a global data security initiative, which aims to create an open, secure and cooperative cyberspace.