Chinese netizens mourn the death of French fashion designer Pierre Cardin
Published: Dec 30, 2020 10:58 AM

Pierre Cardin File photo:VCG

Chinese netizens mourn the death of French fashion designer Pierre Cardin, one of the earliest international fashion brands to enter China. 

A netizen said using the China's Twitter-like Weibo on Tuesday that "it is the big brand in childhood memories, and parents must have some pieces of Pierre Cardin." One netizen said "I have two [Pierre Cardin] suitcases, and they accompanied with me for many moves, even when I was overseas, and now they are still in good condition," and one said "this is my father's favorite brand."

Although people many are now more familiar with brands such as Louis Vuitton and Dior, for the generation who grew during China's early reform and opening-up in 1970s, Pierre Cardin was regarded as the peak of Western fashion.

In 1979, a Pierre Cardin fashion show was held at the Beijing National Culture Palace. This fashion show was jointly sponsored by the officials ,and it was the first fashion show for a foreign brand in China's history.

In 1981, Song Huaigui, the representative of Pierre Cardin, selected the first Chinese model team at the grassroots level and held a fashion show at the Beijing Hotel.

In 1985, Pierre Cardin organized a 12-person group of Chinese models and invited them to the Paris T stage. This was the first time a Chinese model appeared on the French T stage.

At that time, few thought of China as a major market, given that the country had just began moving toward reform and opening-up. As China's economy took off, Pierre Cardin succeeded in becoming one of the first fashion brands in China. 

In June 2009, the fashion giant's founder, 87-year-old Pierre Cardin, announced plans to sell the company's textile and accessories licenses in China for 200 million euros ($285 million). The Chinese licenses cover men's suits and casual wear and women's clothing and accessories, according to the Shanghai Daily.

However, the Pierre Cardin brand was gradually losing its luster in China after years, and even become a "second tier" clothing brand, which was widely blamed on excessive licensing, which affected quality and damaged the brand. 

The world-famous designer passed away in a hospital in the west of Paris, his family confirmed on Tuesday.