Daimler subsidiary in Beijing says virus not from imported goods
Published: Dec 31, 2020 12:33 AM

Photo: VCG

An auto parts trading subsidiary of German premium auto maker Daimler said on Wednesday that preliminary investigations have suggested recent coronavirus infections come from human contact, rather than imported parts.

The National Business Daily reported on Wednesday that the response from Daimler was regarding rumors suggesting that some auto parts shipped from Europe are contaminated with the virus. 

In a statement posted on Wednesday, the Daimler Northeast Asia Parts Trading and Services Co, a Daimler subsidiary set up in 2008 to oversee the operations of five warehouses in five Chinese cities including Beijing, said probes have suggested several of its warehouse workers were infected by the virus by asymptomatic virus carrier coming from abroad. 

The company said that since the outbreak it has kickstarted its response plan with quarantine measures and has tested all related staff and disinfected warehouses. 

A part of the work site tested positive but this was determined to be a result of a human carrier. 

"The possibility that the virus came through imported goods has been basically ruled out," the statement said. 

Daimler is currently screening its dealership network that is supplied by the part trading subsidiary. 

Out of precaution, Daimler said it has decided to close down some of its dealerships in Beijing and to disinfect its workers, and cargo and operation sites. 

It added that all staff members at its dealerships in Beijing and parts delivery units across China have been tested for the virus and there have been no positive cases.

Daimler's office staff in Beijing's Wangjing district, where the outbreak was reported, and all workers in its Chinese business operation have been tested with no positive results.

The closed dealerships will reopen after confirmation from relevant authorities.

The German company said it will take all necessary actions to assist the authorities in containing the virus in China and protecting society and its consumers.