China opposes US’ insidious attack on civilian-military integration: FM
Published: Jan 05, 2021 04:54 PM

Hua Chunying File Photo

China firmly opposes the US government's insidious attacks against China's civilian-military integration drive, its penchant for politicizing commercial issues and cracking down on Chinese companies by abusing its state power, Hua Chunying, a spokesperson of the Foreign Ministry, said on Tuesday during a news briefing, in response to the Global Times' report that China could ask US companies to disclose their connections to US military.

Hua pointed out that the US' civil-military integration has a long history that dates back to World War One. She said that that the US is a major advocate of the policy which has accelerated its pace over recent years and was commonplace practice in the world. 

A good number of US multinational companies are examples of civil-military integration, Hua said.

"In this regard, the US side takes a double standard and takes aggressive measures to contain China's development. The US' actions severely violates free market principles and international trade rules and damages the US' own interests and image," she said.

The Chinese government will not ignore the US act which harms China's legitimate interests and will "take necessary measures" to maintain the legitimate rights and interests of relevant Chinese companies, Hua said.

She said that China hopes the US can be reasonable and work with China in maintaining positive dialogue focused on cooperation and development between Chinese and US companies, by creating a fair, stable and predictable business environment.