Chinese netizens ask to buy US Capital podium after riots, ‘definitely won’t bargain’
Published: Jan 07, 2021 08:10 PM

Screenshot of Xianyu

Some Chinese netizens are asking to buy the US Capitol podium on China's eBay-like secondhand online marketplace Xianyu, saying they "won't bargain as it has historic meaning," after a widely circulated picture shows a man taking it away amid the siege of the US Capitol. 

The picture, originally from Getty Images, has been widely circulated on Chinese social media. Some said the podium was that of the US House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

"Really want to buy the Capitol podium, since it has special 'historic meaning,' please contact me if you have the podium, and I will definitely not bargain!" said a Xianyu user.

Several other users also asked to buy the podium on Xianyu, but some links were deleted later.

Media reports said the podium was also seen for sale on eBay, at a price ranging from $440 to $9,909,000. 

The online discussion came after riots took place in Washington DC, and the storming of the US Capitol by hundreds of President Donald Trump's supporters shocked the world on Thursday.

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