China's first intelligent mass production line for satellites able to produce 240 small satellites each year
Published: Jan 20, 2021 11:40 AM

Photo: China Space News

As China ramps up efforts to develop its aerospace industry, the country's first intelligent mass production line for satellites has begun trial operations recently, with a capacity to produce more than 240 small satellites each year. 

"We spent 429 days completing the first intelligent production line for mass production of satellites in our country, which is able to realize the design capacity of producing more than 240 small satellites each year," said Zou Guangbao, general manager at a subsidiary of space engineering under China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation 2nd Academy, according to an article published by the company online. 

From single piece, small scale manual production to automated production, now more than 10 core processes are undertaken by machines, which has increased the production efficiency by more than 40 percent, said the article. 

In addition, the production line can produce customized satellites. The machines could be adjusted based on the needs in order to produce components of various sizes and different weights. 

During the production, the machines can call control procedures automatically, with data analysis and executive outcomes sending to the control terminal in real time, realizing a shift of satellite production of human-driven to data-driven as well as the mass production of customized satellites. 

Throughout the coronavirus outbreak, several factories were unable to produce necessary equipment, creating a tight deadline for researchers and technicians. While catching up, they have also strengthened quality control with strict checks. 

With satellite internet added onto a list of China's "new infrastructure" master program, there will be more needs for satellites, leaving China's commercial satellite sector thriving.

Global Times