The King who knows everything ‘builds up China:’ netizens give views on Trump
Published: Jan 20, 2021 03:18 PM

Donald Trump Photo:VCG

An online survey conducted by the Global Times shows Chinese internet users' overwhelming negativity and mockery of the controversial   US President Donald Trump, who started a trade war and other types of provocation against China. 

The Global Times released a Weibo post on Tuesday, inviting internet users to leave a few words or sentences of their impressions of Trump, before he officially leaves the White House on Wednesday. 

Out of nearly 600 comments, "Top internet celebrity," "Twitter presidency," "The King of knowing everything," "Gravedigger of US hegemony," "Fake news," "Bunker boy," "Silencer of pro-US KOL," "Comrade Jianguo" and "Undercover agent of the Party" are those most mentioned by Chinese netizens. 

Jianguo literally means "build the country," but in this case, internet users are using the term to mock Trump as someone who did his best to build up China to the detriment of the US.

These phrases reflect the popularity of President Trump in China, and some internet users said they are reluctant to bid Trump farewell, as he is the first US president to successfully entertain Chinese people while wreaking havoc on the US at the same time. 

On January 5, statistics from Shanghai-based news outlet The Paper showed that Donald Trump has become the most searched individual on Weibo, appearing 589 times on Weibo's trending list in 2020, surpassing epidemic experts, online celebrities and popular heartthrobs in a very significant year in human history.

Analysts said that the terms and phrases showcase a sense of humor used by the Chinese netizens to ease their pressure and anger against the US amid the unprecedented hostility from the Trump administration. 

Some international affairs observers described Trump's presidency as a turning point in US history, and said his capricious and crazy antics have removed US' halo of "democracy and freedom" and further reminded China that it needs to work harder to stand on its own two feet.

"To me, the Trump presidency is 'magic realism.' In the limited era of my generation, there has never been a US president who has been able to become an absolute meme with his mouth full of lies," an internet user told the Global Times on Monday.

World order, decency, common sense, justice, and all kinds of values have been broken by the US president. But his sense of surreal and the surreality of 2020 are so deeply integrated into a unified look, which weakens my distaste for the man: There seems to be nothing wrong with a madman in a madman's age, she said.

"I only hope that his stepping down will take away the bad things of 2020 with him, so we can return to a normal life with order, common sense, decency and justice," the internet user said.

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