China's steel industry to advance carbon emission reduction efforts
Published: Jan 21, 2021 11:13 AM

File photo: Xinhua

China Iron and Steel Association (CISA) is advancing a series of carbon emission reduction programs to help fulfil China's commitment to green development, media report said on Wednesday.  

CISA has set up a new committee to lead efforts aimed at carbon emission reduction planning, research and development of carbon emission reduction techniques and setting carbon emission reduction regulation policies. An expert group will support the works of committee covering policies, techniques and finance, media outlet reported. 

The Central Economic Work Conference held in Beijing in December 2020 stressed that realizing carbon neutrality and peak carbon dioxide emissions are two important goals in China's future development. China vowed to peak the carbon dioxide emission before 2030 and realized carbon neutral before 2060. 

Iron and steel industry is one of the pillars of manufacturing industry and its significant production volume leads to its high demand of energy and carbon emission. 

It was also reported that Chinese state-controlled steel enterprise Baowu Steel Group announced on Wednesday that the company is making effort to reach peak of carbon dioxide emissions in 2023 and realize carbon neutral in 2050. 

Global Times