CP group in NE China’s Heilongjiang Province halted production after COVID-19 cases
Published: Jan 26, 2021 12:50 PM

CP food File photo:VCG

Thai conglomerate CP Group in Northeast China's Heilongjiang Province said it has halted the production after coronavirus was found on outer packaging of their nine products on Monday.

In an announcement issued on Tuesday the group said it has placing the entire staff under isolation in addition to conducting nucleic acid testing, and sealed up all the stock and traced the products that have entered the market according to the requirements of the local government.

Its subsidiary food enterprises in other provinces and regions were unaffected by the epidemic, and the production and operation were carried out in an orderly manner, according to the group.

Food products produced after January 1, 2021 have been ordered to remove from shelves and temporarily stored by order of the regional market supervision authorities across the country.

As of 8 am on Monday, health and disease control departments have carried out inspections on 92,786 samples and no virus has been found on the food or inner packaging. All nine samples which have coronavirus on the outer packaging were confined within the province, including eight samples in Sunwu county, Heihe City and one sample from Lanxi county, Suihua City.

The corresponding goods and products tested positive were sold to Qiqihar, Daqing, Heihe and Suihua in Heilongjiang on January 11, 12 and 16. The products located in Qiqihar, Heihe and Suihua have been removed from shelves and placed in secure storage while the 240 kilograms of products sold to Daqing are being tested and verified, according to the investigation.