Geely officially launches a 4.12b yuan internet satellite project in Qingdao
Published: Jan 27, 2021 11:18 AM

Photo: Screenshot of Geely account at Toutiao

China's automaker Geely has officially launched its internet satellite project in Qingdao, East China's Shandong Province, with an investment of 4.12 billion yuan ($637 million), according to media reports. That would make the Chinese automaker in par with Tesla in the adventure into aerospace. 

The project is located in the Qingdao Shanghe demonstration zone, with an area of 20,474.3 square meters, according to relevant reports. 

The management committee of Shanghe demonstration zone signed a contract with Geely Technology Group in August on low earth orbit internet satellite cooperation. A subsidiary of Geely, Zhejiang Shikong Daoyu Tech Co, undertook the project. 

Shikong Daoyu was founded in 2018, specializing in promoting commercial upgrades of China's satellite industrial chain and the commercial application of China's space technology. 

Wang Yang, general manager and chief scientist at Shikong Douyu, predicted that internet of vehicles will be a streak for future travel, which will put forward new demands for telecommunication. On the one hand, autonomous vehicles require better and precise navigation, which could be fostered by satellite network. On the other hand, satellite telecommunication is also a must for low-altitude travelling as transportation vehicles diversify.

Geely announced in May that it would launch two satellites into low orbit by the end of last year. In August, Shikong Daoyu announced that the two satellites for the maiden launch had cleared factory review, with conditions "fully ready" for launch.

Global Times