Bilibili vows to clean up content following boycott call over ‘misogynist’ amine
Published: Feb 10, 2021 10:07 PM

Young poeple visit the Bilibili booth at ChinaJoy in Shanghai on August 1, 2020.Photo: IC

Chinese video-sharing platform Bilibili, a leading online entertainment platform popular among younger netizens, said it will crack down on problematic content after multiple companies said they would boycott the platform for allowing disturbing posts that insult women.

Multiple companies, including eye care brand Sigo, cosmetic brand UKISS and sanitary napkins Sofy, announced on Wednesday that they would no longer have commercial cooperation with the NASDAQ-listed firm, stating that they are against all forms of insults against women. 

Bilibili on Wednesday said its crackdown is under the guidance of Cyberspace Administration of China and will punish content producers according to regulations and will keep the public posted. 

In its statement, the company said respect is the cornerstone of its online community and said it accepts and is willing to discuss criticism. 

The company became the center of controversy on Chinese social media after it was accused of disrespecting women over its handling of content producers who criticized its release of Japanese animation “Mushoku Tensei.”

China News Service reported that Bilibili allegedly shut down accounts of female users on a massive scale which criticized its release of the animation. Out-of-the-line language by male users are, on the contrary, tolerated.

Bilibili suspended the controversial animation on Sunday.

The Japanese animation is accused of lacking morals by many netizens in China, with some content violating mainstream values and morals and being inappropriate for underage audiences.

For example, the lead character's father has an affair with a maid while his wife is pregnant, but the main character persuades his mother to accept her husband's cheating.

Another scene at a funeral, the lead character somehow uses mental simulation to give his underage niece an orgasm. 

The companies joining the boycott allege Bilibili has disrespected women. 

At least five other brands said they have quit commercial cooperation with the video sharing site, according to media reports. 

In an online poll started by Sina Tech, 69,000 said they have seen a lot of discomforting content that insult women, while 68,000 said they don’t have a problem with Bilibili’s content they have viewed.

Global Times