Netizens in China applaud 'iron rules' for Japanese stars in the Chinese entertainment industry
Published: Feb 18, 2021 10:16 PM

The poster of CHUANG 2021. Photo: Weibo

A list of tips that was recently circulated around the Japanese internet has won Chinese netizens' applause as it shows a good attitude by recommending Japanese idols to respect Chinese history and culture while talking part in China's hot reality TV program Produce Camp 2021

The list, originally written in Japanese, was re-posted and translated by attentive netizens on Chinese review platform Douban. It points out seven "iron rules" to follow for Japanese entertainers and their agencies who intend to join a recently launched male idol training competition show in China. 

The first recommendation is to avoid publishing works relate to culturally sensitive subjects such as the 2008 Wenchuan Earthquake, while the second tells idols to avoid visiting the Yasukuni Shrine and to issue a clarification about previous visits. The third covers controversial designs such as clothing incorporating the Japanese rising sun flag.

The others include making confusing statements regarding the keyword "Taiwan," China's geography as well as the provincial issues. The last says idols should maintain a stand on issues that is consistent with content published on both Japanese and Chinese social media platforms. 

The list of political and cultural dos and don'ts quickly received massive support from Chinese netizens on Douban and China's Twitter-like Sina Weibo. 

"This attitude is good. When finding a job in China, you got to respect Chinese culture and history, it is as simple as that," posted a netizen on Sina Weibo. 

"Guiding young idols to respect history; this is a good sign to win our fans' hearts, Japan," said another. 

Other netizens also issued reminders to everyone in the entertainer community, stressing that while international celebrities need to respect Chinese culture, Chinese entertainers need to be even more vigilant to avoid disrespectful statements and actions. 

"Even foreigners know to avoid that flag. How could she wear it like it was cool? As a Chinese, I feel more humiliated than angry," a netizen posted on Douban referring to the time when China's top actress Zhao Wei received an overload of criticism in 2001 for publicly wearing a dress with a Japanese rising sun flag. 

The show Produce Camp 2021, also known as CHUANG 2021, brings together 90 male trainees to collaborate and compete with each other on stage. After training and assessment, the few most capable competitors will form two boy groups of seven members each. 

Differing from the previous two seasons, this season focuses on forming an international idol band. 

"The 'idol group' has become a concept that has inspired some countries' cultural entertainment sectors, like South Korea's, to develop different variations," Qin Juan, a researcher who specializes in cultural and creative industries, told the Global Times on Thursday.

"It is a channel for a country to export its popular cultural image and creative resources for the world," 

The two previous seasons gave birth to the two very popular boy and girl bands R1SE and Bonbon Girls 303. The two have already attracted many international fans while being idols in China. 

Global Times