Dutch SURF selects Lenovo to build powerful supercomputer in Netherlands
Published: Feb 24, 2021 06:48 PM

A Lenovo booth at a telecommunication expo in Guangzhou, South China's Guangdong Province Photo: VCG

Lenovo announced on Tuesday that the world's biggest computer maker started installation of national supercomputer for SURF in the Netherlands. 

The supercomputer, which is expected to be finished in 2021, will have a peak performance of 14 petaflops/per second, making it the most powerful supercomputer in the country. 

According to a statement from Dutch education and research collaborative organization SURF, the supercomputer functions as 100,000 interconnected laptops, which will have nearly 10 times more computing power than the current one- Cartesius. 

The other major advantage of the supercomputer is improved energy consumption. The system built on Lenovo ThinkSystem servers will adopt the water-cooling technology to cool down the system by up to 90 percent, which will help reduce energy consumption and boost the performance simultaneously.

Lenovo is now the largest supercomputer manufacturer in the world. According to the newly released TOP500 supercomputer list in 2020, 182 Lenovo-made supercomputers stand on the list. China continues to rank first on the list as there were 212 supercomputers installed in China out of a global total of 500. Including Lenovo, the top three supercomputer suppliers on the TOP500 list are all Chinese companies. 

Installation of the supercomputer begins this month and the supercomputer is expected to fully operate by mid-2021. The new system will be located in Amsterdam, the same as Cartesius.