ABB launches next-generation robots
Published: Feb 25, 2021 12:04 AM

ABB launches next generation collaborative robots on Wednesday in Shanghai. Photo:Xie Jun/GT

ABB launched next-generation collaborative robots on Wednesday in Shanghai, as the Switzerland-based robot company pushes ahead with its business in the Chinese market despite the effects of the coronavirus pandemic. 

The two robots, named GoFa and Swifti, will complement ABB's existing robot line-up and will help customers enhance production efficiency, the company noted. 

Rui Liang, ABB Group Vice President, disclosed that the company already has some pre-orders for the robots in China, mainly from electronics companies and industrial factories. 

He also expressed confidence in the potential of the Chinese market and in closer ties between China and Europe, after the sides reached a deal on a new China-EU Comprehensive Agreement on Investment in late 2020.

"The agreement is definitely good news for us. We have strong confidence in China and we will continue taking actions to invest in the market in the long term," he told the Global Times on Wednesday, saying that the company didn't halt investment in China even during the coronavirus period.

ABB's ambition for the Chinese market is not only reflected by the launch of new products, but by its steady push for its robot company in Shanghai, which he disclosed would start production in the first quarter next year. 

"The project is proceeding as we planned, and we are trying our best to speed it up," Liang said. 

An ABB survey of Chinese and overseas company CEOs or leaders showed that 84 percent said they would use robots and automation technologies in the next 10 years. This makes the company confident about the demand for industrial robots in China in the upcoming years, Liang added. 

Global Times 

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