Carrie Lam says HK welcomes NPC decision to improve electoral system, to fully cooperate
Published: Mar 04, 2021 11:31 PM Updated: Mar 05, 2021 08:25 AM
Carrie Lam File photo:Xinhua

Carrie Lam File photo:Xinhua

Chief Executive of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Carrie Lam said on Thursday that she welcomes the National People's Congress's decision of reviewing and improving Hong Kong's electoral system and Hong Kong government will fully cooperate with the top legislature in implementing the principle of "patriots governing HK."

Lam arrived in Beijing on Thursday afternoon and will attend the fourth session of the 13th National People's Congress (NPC) on Friday. 

On Thursday night, China's top legislature unveiled its agenda for this year's two sessions which includes highly anticipated electoral system reform for Hong Kong with the aim of fixing deep-rooted loopholes in the current political system and meeting the fundamental requirements of patriots governing Hong Kong.

Based on the recent situation in Hong Kong, the HKSAR electoral system needs to keep up with the times. To improve the HK electoral system is the power and the responsibility of the NPC, Zhang Yesui, spokesperson of the fourth annual session of the 13th NPC,said on Thursday's press conference. 

Lam said in an article that this is the fourth year that she has attended the annual meeting of the highest organ of state power in her capacity as the Chief Executive of the HKSAR and has come to realize more and more that the prosperity and stability of Hong Kong are inseparable from state affairs.

In fact, over the past year, the NPC and its Standing Committee have solved many problems for Hong Kong that the SAR itself is unable to effectively handle. The national security law for Hong Kong filled the loophole in national security and immediately curbed violence in the city. It allows local residents to come out of fear and helps rebuild a safe society.

In addition to public order, political security is essential for national security. Only by ensuring that Hong Kong is governed by patriots can the political system of Hong Kong move forward along the track of "one country, two systems," "Hong Kong people governing Hong Kong" and a high degree of autonomy, the article said. 

"As I said in my public response last Monday, the central government has the power to govern the political system of Hong Kong and I respect the improvement of the system under the leadership of the central government. The HKSAR government will fully cooperate the NPC's decision, conduct necessary local legislation and interpret to local residents," the article read. 

A spokesman for the HKSAR government also said on Thursday night that the central government has the authority and responsibility to improve the electoral system in Hong Kong. The HKSAR government respects that the central government is taking the lead and will render its full cooperation.

"To ensure the steadfast and successful implementation of 'one country, two systems,' we must always adhere to the principle of 'patriots governing Hong Kong.' This principle is fundamental to national sovereignty, security, development interests, as well as the long-term prosperity of Hong Kong.".

"Only through 'patriots governing Hong Kong' can the Central Government's overall jurisdiction over the HKSAR be effectively implemented, the constitutional order as set out by the Constitution and the Basic Law be effectively safeguarded and the long-term stability and safety of Hong Kong be achieved," the spokesperson said. 

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