Xinhua Dictionary with English translation updated to latest version, hit market
Published: Mar 06, 2021 05:20 PM
A child reads the new version of the Xinhua Zidian – Xinhua Dictionary (12th Edition) in the Beijing Book Building on Tuesday. The new edition was launched on Monday, adding new words such as chu xin” (mission), dian zan” (thumbs up) and “er wei ma” (QR code), making it the first time that an app and a paper book were issued simultaneously. The Xinhua Zidian is a Chinese language dictionary that was originally published in 1953. It is considered a symbol of Chinese culture. Photo: cnsphoto

 Photo: cnsphoto

China’s Commercial Press announced on Saturday the release of its latest version of the Chinese-English edition of the Xinhua Dictionary, which hit the market after major updates. 

As the most popular Chinese language dictionary, the new version includes more than 13,000 characters as well as 3,000 phrases, which proceed to explain words in contexts such as history, society and culture. 

The target readers of the dictionary are bilingual Chinese and English learners and translators. 

The handy language-learning tool has its main strengths such as being resourceful while simple to carry around, and the explanation of every single Chinese character corresponds to its English translation, with both of them being on the same page. 

Given the rich content, the dictionary is designed in an iconic red faux leather cover with golden gilded characters of ‘Xinhua Dictionary’ emblazoned in both Chinese and English

First published in 1953, the Chinese version of the Xinhua Dictionary is the most popular dictionary in China, which has had more than 600 million copies issued.

Global Times