Hong Kong director Wong Jing firmly supports draft decision on improving Hong Kong’s electoral system
Published: Mar 07, 2021 04:23 PM

Photo taken on July 1, 2020 shows the Golden Bauhinia Square after a flag-raising ceremony held by the government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region in Hong Kong, south China.(Photo: Xinhua)

Wong Jing, a Chinese director from the Hong Kong Special Administration Region, was applauded by Chinese netizens as he firmly supports a draft decision on improving the electoral system of Hong Kong submitted to China's top legislature, and suggested cracking down on shooting films that disorder Hong Kong.

A draft decision on improving the Hong Kong's electoral system was submitted to China's top legislature on Friday, as the Fourth Session of the 13th National People's Congress (NPC) opened in Beijing.

During a speech at the opening of the NPC session, Wang Chen, vice chairman of the Standing Committee of the NPC, urged improvement of the election measures and scale of the Election Committee, to build a democratic electoral system with Hong Kong characteristics.

The director raised both hands in approval of the draft decision and told the Global Times that the national security law for Hong Kong that has been effective since 2020 and this draft decision can "save Hong Kong's life."

He considered that the reform of Hong Kong's electoral system is necessary as it can smash the illusions of those who are against the central government and trying to disorder Hong Kong.

"With the change in the electoral system, there is basically no way for them to use their positions to benefit from certain forces," Wong said.

The reform of the electoral system in Hong Kong and the implementation of the national security law for Hong Kong will also be very beneficial to eliminate confrontations and save the Hong Kong film industry, Wong added.

"Almost half of the young filmmakers in Hong Kong are now lost lambs, who believe anti-China forces and treat more senior filmmakers, including me, as a target," Wong said, noting that this problem started in 2014. He worried these talented young people will go astray and kill the future of Hong Kong films.

"As far as I know, they lose money on every film they make, and their funding just comes from nothing more than government film funds or foreign agencies."

Wong's views were applauded by Chinese netizens on China's Twitter-like Sina Weibo, praising him for his patriotic stance.

"I couldn't agree more with Wong Jing. His suggestion on cracking down on those films that are sponsored by any organization and go against the one-China principle deserves many compliments," one Sina Weibo user commented.

Some netizens followed Wong's suggestion and said that the authority should take punitive measures aimed at such films and their moviegoers.

Wong noted that he is writing a screenplay about rioting forces in Hong Kong.

The director has condemned the rioters and anti-China forces in Hong Kong openly many times. When Jimmy Lai was arrested in December 2020, Wong clapped and cheered on social media and said there is no protective umbrella that could cover him.

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