China, in joint statement with other countries, condemns Australia at UN Human Rights Council for human rights violations
Published: Mar 13, 2021 01:44 PM


China on behalf of a number of countries condemned Australia at the UN Human Rights Council on Friday over its serious human rights violations, urging the Australian government to close offshore detention centers and launch a comprehensive and impartial investigation into the killing of civilians and other serious crimes the Australian troops have committed overseas.

In a joint statement to the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva on Friday, a number of countries, including China, Russia, Belarus, Egypt and Venezuela, condemned the unlawful killings and abuse of civilians including children committed by Australian overseas military personnel.

At the same time, the statement expressed deep concern over Australia's practice of setting up offshore detention centers in other countries. The statement noted that these detention centers fall short of adequate medical conditions. A large number of immigrants, refugees and asylum seekers have been detained over a long period of time, some indefinitely, and their human rights have been violated.

China and other countries urged Australia to immediately close all offshore detention centers and take concrete steps to safeguard the rights of vulnerable immigrant groups, especially children. They called upon the Human Rights Council, the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, and relevant special mechanisms to monitor the Australian government in the judicial process to ensure that those responsible are brought to justice and that the victims receive reparations.

The joint statement also expressed concern over the growing phenomenon of racial discrimination in Australia, the increase in violence against women and the unprotected rights of indigenous people in the country, calling on Australia to effectively protect human rights.

Global Times