I hope he can recover soon: Chinese fans express worry and hope after Indian actor Aamir Khan tests positive for COVID-19
Published: Mar 24, 2021 09:24 PM

Aamir Khan Photo: VCG

Aamir Khan Photo: VCG

Upon learning the news that Indian actor Aamir Khan has tested positive for COVID-19, his Chinese fan club contacted the star's team as soon as possible. After confirming the news, his fans sent their best wishes to the star and expressed confidence that he would recover.

According to Indian media, in a statement published on Wednesday, Khan's spokesperson announced that he had tested positive for COVID-19 and is currently in home isolation.

Yang Ajie, organizer of the fan club, told the Global Times on Wednesday that they were in contact with Khan's people and were confident that he will recover soon.

The news captured the attention of Chinese netizens on Wednesday. Many netizens praised the star, calling him a brilliant actor, and expressed their hopes that he could recover. 

Some netizens associated with the poor prevention measures in India and called on Indian people to decrease gatherings as well as obey scientific protection measures such as wearing face masks and keeping social distance.

Earlier on March 15, the star's birthday, Khan announced that he was quit social media platforms, a move many of his Chinese fans say was very much like the star. 

"He is a person dedicated to work, rarely participating in social activities, and seldom attending film ceremonies," Yang said.

Yang said he thinks Khan quit social media so people would focus more on his works instead of himself. 

"We can still communicate with him through his studio's social media account."

Khan has gained a huge following in China through his films, with sports film Dangal ranking as the most successful non-Hollywood foreign film in China. Khan also has more than 1.13 million followers on his Twitter-like Sina Weibo account as of Monday.

Chinese fans celebrated Khan's 56th birthday at the Indian Embassy in Beijing on March 15. About 80 Chinese and Indian fans and diplomats from the embassy's cultural department attended the event.