Alibaba Beijing office sets up a CPC committee
Published: Mar 25, 2021 05:13 PM
Alibaba Photo:VCG

Alibaba Photo:VCG

Alibaba (Beijing) Software Services Co has established a corporate CPC (Communist Party of China) committee on Wednesday, according an article published on the official WeChat public account of Beijing's Chaoyang district. 

According to the article, the number of Chinese Communist Party members have accounted for more than 30 percent of the overall employees at Alibaba's Beijing headquarters. 

Currently, Alibaba Group has two headquarters in China, one in Beijing and the other located in Hangzhou. And, its health and entertainment divisions are also headquartered in Beijing. 

Wang Hao, secretary of Chaoyang district Party committee who attended Alibaba's corporate Party committee founding ceremony, said that Alibaba should adhere to correct political directions and maintain political integrity. 

Wang said that the company should deeply integrate the work of Party building and business management, enhance its technology innovation strength and speed up creating a new technology research and development system. 

Besides, the firm should enhance cooperation with the government in areas such as scientific innovation, digital economy and new consumption, while actively fulfilling its social responsibility. 

Alibaba's creation of a Party committee in its Beijing headquarters came after the company went through some fluctuations recently, as some of its business practices were allegedly violating competitive practices in China, which also triggered an anti-monopoly probe into the tech giant. 

Wang also suggested that Alibaba "integrate itself into China's overall economic development". 

At the same time, the Chaoyang district will cater to the development of local companies like Alibaba, and speed up pushing the construction of Alibaba Beijing headquarters and its surrounding facilities, Wang said.